​The art exhibition "I LOVE KHARKIV"

18 November 2023 року

On November 18, 2023, in the ARТпідвал (ARTbasement) of the Kharkiv Municipal Gallery, the exhibition "I LOVE KHARKIV" by artist Oksana Boyko opened. She is a finalist of the open call program in 2021. The exhibition was visited by Olha Vovk.

The specificity of Oksana Boyko's artistic style lies in the creative interpretation of the dynamic rhythm of the modern megalopolis and the reproduction of urban landscapes, predominantly in the residential areas of the large city. The artist emphasizes, "In painting, I embody what seems beautiful to me. I sincerely enjoy finding colorful spots in the accumulation of advertising signs, in a pile of illegally constructed kiosks, in colorful shopping centers, or spending hours drawing the endless Saltivka, trying to separate one building from another with graphic strokes and dots." The artist notes that through the "I LOVE KHARKIV" project, she aimed to share her love for her city with the audience and offer them a different perspective on Kharkiv through the eyes of its resident.