The research project 'CITY AND WAR: Destruction, Preservation and Rethinking of the Urban Cultural Heritage of Large Cities in Eastern and Southern Ukraine within the Russia's Military Aggression'

The project aiming to reveal the expert opinions on destruction, preservation and rethinking of urban cultural heritage in Ukraine, provoked by the Russia's military aggression since 2014. The project is an open network mainly consisting of scholars and students of Ukrainian universities. They cooperate closely to develop new approaches to cultural heritage and ensure sustainable development of Ukraine.

The inter-university research project 'CityFace: Practices of the Self-Representation of Multinational Cities in the Industrial and Post-Industrial Era'

Cities are hubs of innovation and cultural and ethnic interaction on which the development of society as a whole has come to depend during the industrial and, even more so, post-industrial era. We aim to carry out a comprehensive multidisciplinary study of the symbolic space of Ukraine’s cities, to reveal their “faces” and trace the transformations of the identity of their inhabitants over time. The following urban centers have been selected for study: Dnipro, Donetsk, Zaporizhia, Odesa, and Kharkiv.

Areas of research

City Symbols
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Urban Landscapes
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Urban Identities
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