The members of the CityFace project are the winners of the competition of scientific papers of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation

20 July 2020 року

In 2020, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (Office in Ukraine) organized a competition of small scientific papers for scholars from universities of eastern Ukrainian. 70 applications were submitted and 6 were selected. The members of the CityFace project are the authors of 3 supported projects.

The aim of the project "Kharkiv as a Multicultural City of Eastern Ukraine: Advantages, Contradictions, Challenges and Prospects for Development (1991-2020)" is to identify the characteristics of Kharkiv's multiculturalism, which has been one of the city's development factors for almost 30 years. Project team: Anna Bondarenko, Olga Vovk, Vladimir Diaghilev, Marina Kurushina, Elena Mashintsova, Sergez Posokhov, Yevhen Rachkov (head of the working group). Summary of the project.

The project "Toponymic Chimera: Renaming in Kharkiv, Conflict of Memories and Identities" is about the decommunization and its features in eastern Ukraine, in particular in Kharkiv. Project team: Roman Lyubavsky and Yevhen Zakharchenko. Summary of the project.

The aim of the another project "Cultural Heritage as a Resource for Donbass Communities" is to identify the benefits and possible effects of using cultural heritage as a lever for economic development, community welfare and sustainable future of Donbass. Project team: Volodymyr Kulikov and Iryna Sklokina (Center for Urban History of East Central Europe). Summary of the project.

We congratulate sincerely the members of the CityFace project and look forward to the publication of the results of their research.